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Layout and design

Map applications for real estate are our specialty. combines the clear arrangement of a map application with the practicality of a search and results display. All this is done to make the user experience as smooth as possible and indistinguishable from a common computer application.


Responsiveness means customising the layout of your website for different sized devices to make for easy control with regard to the specifics of each device.

In this respect, has been designed to provide convenient operation either on the go using a mobile phone or in the comfort of your office on a large computer screen.

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Robots and change tracking on portals

Data on real estate auctions from all over the country stands at the heart of the portal.

It is a unique collection of data in terms of its sheer volume, making the portal a leading tool for auction searches. We collect data from dozens of sources and monitor changes every day to inform the customer immediately.

Payment gateway

Access to complete data is limited by purchasing one of the versions offered.

There is a convenient tool in the background for the administration and payment of orders, allowing you to control access to data according to the purchased version either with ordered demo access or full data access. Editing orders and manual invoicing are no problem if the customer requests it.

Javascript single-page application

Single-page applications are a modern approach to writing web applications.

These are different from individual websites which the customer would open individually andwait to load. Instead, the whole application is loaded in the browser at the beginning and then is no different from using a computer programme. The application is written in JavaScript and runs in the user's browser.

Connection to the Land Register, RUIAN/RTIARE

To give the user a better overview of ongoing auctions, the system integrates a connection to the Land Register and the Register of Zoning Identification, Addresses and Properties (RUIAN/RTIARE)

Each offered property is paired with this register. This enables us to further process the data and search for locations according to precisely entered criteria – arbitrarily plotted on the map – or to outline in the map the individual plots that are offered.

Extension for Chrome

The sheer quantity of data has required the use of sophisticated technologies for both users and administrators.

In order for them to better identify each offered property before it is made public, we have prepared an extension in the Chrome browser which further enhances user-friendliness and the efficiency of data processing on the part of server administrators as well.


We have prepared a robust system for the Auction Monitor which allows us to automatically monitor and process information on all real estate auctions throughout the Czech Republic.

Integrating information from different sources and visualising it on the map has produced a user-friendly tool that is gradually becoming a market leader.

400 properties processed per day
History of 60 000 completed auctions
Robots watching the content of 15 portals

Management and maintenance

We have a great sense of responsibility for the work we create, and simply launching a project doesn’t mean our work is over. Long-term cooperation between the developers and the client is a prerequisite for overall success.

The whole project runs on server architecture that we prepare and operate. We are adding new features, solving technical issues and contributing our knowhow to the overall success of the entire portal.

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