A real estate portal with a system for running the entire agency

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Project Objectives

With the client, we wanted to create a modern website for a large real estate agency including the tools for the agents’ daily tasks.

The automation of everyday activities gave the agents more time to work directly with their clients, as well as the tools for improving services for specific clients.


Websites are no longer the domain of desktops and large displays.

The interface is designed for full control on a small smartphone screen as well as the full resolution of a large display. User experience guaranteed.

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An Internal System for Real Estate Agents

Every agent has a reliable tool for their daily activities in their hands. Access to data is based on a hierarchy of users, corresponding to the real structure of the company.

The users only have the access they are entitled to based on their position within the company. The system maintains a comprehensive database of clients, cases and related events.

Linking Offers and Demands

The Chirš system has an internal logic that searches for and connects individual cases.

The robot automatically searches for and compares individual parameters in an extensive database of cases and, using its own algorithm, searches for and processes the suitable pairs of offers and demands.

Communication with Clients

Efficient communication with clients is possible via e-mail as well as text messages sent directly from the portal

The clients are immediately automatically informed about new offers and options, wherever they are.


The map application connected to geodesic survey data provides a powerful tool for searching and processing data.

Visualizing a location on the map helps with the orientation and the evaluation of search results in connection with the overall orientation of the location.

Long-term Support

We have been working with the real estate agency Chirš for almost 10 years. Throughout this time, we have been responsible for all of the development, we have shared our expertise from the real estate market, and taking care of the administration and operation of online technologies.

The Results

The automation of the agents' day-to-day activities created room for more direct communication with potential clients. A seller is automatically informed about the activities of the agent and the branch directors have direct control over the agents' activities.

Thanks to the automatic linking of offers and demands, the agents can better and faster inform the interested parties about the properties currently on offer. This streamlines the entire sales process.

The system is used by over a 100 real estate agents
Over 8,400 active cases
Over 260,000 links created

Administration and Maintenance

We feel responsible for the websites we create. For us, the work does not end with the launch of the project. If a project is to be successful, long-term cooperation between developer and the client is a must.

Since its launch, the website has been undergoing significant continuous development. We add new features, improve the user interface, measure the success of individual adjustments and monitor user behavior. We help increase the success of the site and the conversion of visitors into agency clients.

We also take care of the graphic design and ensure trouble-free operation thanks to our custom server infrastructure.

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