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About the project

When working on the concept of together with the client, we set the goal to create a tool that could help active real estate agents build their online profile, offer them a way to communicate with potential clients as well as get feedback from customers they had already served.


Websites are no longer the domain of desktops and large displays.

The interface is designed for full control on a small smartphone screen as well as the full resolution of a large display. User experience guaranteed.

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Convenient Content Administration

We created a comprehensive administration tool with user hierarchy defining access levels. The administration tool automatically adjusts uploaded images, offers an easy-to-use text editor, quick access to the generated documents, daily agenda management and other useful services.

Internal CRM for Sales Department Management

The team behind nrportal are people with a lot of experience on the real estate market. As part of the system, we created a comprehensive CRM system for agenda planning and management, including communicating with current and potential clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Good searchability on the Internet is a basic prerequisite for success of online services.

The entire concept of was built to center quality content. We created a technical solution which enables search engines to find this content and easily and correctly index it.

Connected to Payment Gateways

The website offers real estate agents various tools to build their online profile. These tools are priced according to a price list; easy and fast payments are therefore a must. The system offers various ways of fast payment thanks to the integrated GoPay payment gateway.

Real Estate Market Monitoring

We automatically monitor real estate agents and their current offer of properties. The system is capable of monitoring almost 9,000 agents within the Czech Republic and more than 60,000 properties on offer.

The Results

The resulting portal,, is a tool for Czech real estate agents to present themselves. It’s a platform for building personal profiles online, sharing market experience, as well as communication between agents and lay users.

Site visitors gain access to a database of information and tips for solving different real estate situations as well as the opportunity to post questions to real estate professionals, free of charge.

Over 60,000 properties monitored daily
Almost 9,000 Czech real estate agents followed
Over 4,600 Czech real estate agencies followed

Administration and Maintenance

We feel responsible for the websites we create. For us, the work does not end with the launch of the project. If a project is to be successful, long-term cooperation between developer and the client is a must.

Since its launch, the website has been undergoing significant continuous development. We add new features, improve the user interface and monitor user behavior. This way, we help increase the site’s success and user satisfaction.

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