A convenient tool for monitoring properties, auctions, foreclosures and insolvency claims

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The Design

Map apps and real estate are our specialty. Adol Monitor combines the ease of use of a map application and the efficiency of search and displaying of results. All that in a user friendly way.

For Adol Monitor, we created the technical solution concept as well as the user interface design. We strove to make everything intuitive even as services are continuously added, and made sure the technical solution would not be a hindrance in future growth.


Responsiveness is how the website adjusts to being displayed on differently sized devices while remaining convenient to control, taking into account the specifics of the different devices.

Adol Monitor was designed to be easy to use on a smart phone on the go, as well as on a large computer screen from the comfort of an office.

Web Design - Responsiveness -

Robots and Tracking Changes on Portals

At the center of the portal is the data on real estate auctions from all over the country.

The scope of the data set is unique, thanks to which the portal is the leading tool for researching investment opportunities in real estate. We collect data from dozens of sources and check every day to see if there has been a change that we can inform the customer about.

Payment Gateway

Access to full data is behind a paywall; the client can purchase one of the options on offer. A convenient tool for managing and paying for orders is running in the background.

It allows for controlling access to data according to the purchased option, demo access or full access to data. Of course, if a customer requests it, we are also able to provide the option to edit orders and invoice manually.

Leveraging AI for Content Processing

The Adol Monitor system processes huge volumes of data daily; moreover, the data is often available only in non-structured, free format. Leveraging elements of AI for this task makes the work of system administrators much easier and ensures that the clients have correct information in the right place.

Connection to the Land Register, RUIAN

In order for the user to have a better idea of the ongoing auctions, the system has an integrated connection to the land register and the so-called RUIAN.

Every property on offer is paired with the Register of Land Identification of Addresses and Properties (RUIAN). This allows us to continue working with the data and search according to precisely specified location criteria – arbitrarily drawn on the map – or draw individual plots on the map.

Chrome Extensions

The unique amount of processed data requires the use of sophisticated technologies not only for the users but also for the administrators.

To better enable the administrators to identify the individual properties on offer before they are published, we developed an extension to the Chrome browser which increases user friendliness and processing efficiency.

Long-term Support

We have been with this project since the beginning of Adol Monitor’s predecessor,, which was almost 10 years ago. Throughout this time, we have been responsible for all of the development, we have shared our expertise from the real estate market, and taking care of the administration and operation of the technical background.

The Results

For Adol Monitor designed a robust website capable of automatic monitoring and processing of information from the real estate market throughout the Czech Republic, including auctions, foreclosures and insolvency claims.

By interconnecting information from individual sources and visualizing it on a map, we created a user friendly tool which is becoming the market leader.

We process 40,000 new ads
Over 80,000 properties monitored daily
280,000 properties in foreclosure

Administration and Maintenance

We feel responsible for the websites we create. For us, the work does not end with the launch of the project. If a project is to be successful, long-term cooperation between developer and the client is a must.

Since its launch, the project has been undergoing significant continuous development. We add new functions, data sources, export and import bridges, and improve the user interface. We also take care of the graphic design and ensure trouble-free operation thanks to our custom server infrastructure.

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