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About the project

Together with Fraus Publishing, we wanted to create a comprehensive and easy-to-use portal for elementary and high school students with a wide database of online exercises. A place that could help them manage the curriculum better and support the work with printed textbooks.


Websites are no longer the domain of desktops and large displays.

The interface is designed for full control on a small smartphone screen as well as the full resolution of a large display. User experience guaranteed.

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Convenient Content Administration

We have created a comprehensive administration tool for the entire portal. It automatically adjusts uploaded images, offers easy document management, a convenient text editor and other easy-to-use tools, which can be handled by a layman with only basic computer experience.

Multimedia Exercise Editor

We provided an easy way to create new exercises from different multimedia blocks with varied content. The exercise and knowledge database can be easily added to and extended.

Intelligent Database Search

The system recognizes the type of information being searched for and offers appropriate results across all exercises, publications and topics.

Thanks to the intelligent predictive auto-complete system, the visitors get a continuous overview of the results the system has found and quick access to this information.

Connecting to External API

A Fraus system account, valid for all services offered by the publisher, can also be used for the portal. The technical solution is based on implementing Single Sign-on communicating with the system’s main server. This way, we also obtain basic data about the user who signed in.

Online Support for Printed Textbooks

Fraus Publishing printer textbooks contain codes for the relevant online exercises. Using the codes and the intelligent search, the exercises can be quickly displayed. The codes can be easily entered in the search box; the system automatically recognizes them and offers a quick link to the relevant exercise.

The Results

We created a modern online teaching tool for Fraus Publishing. Students and teachers have access to a large database of exercises with many topics. The portal helps parents, teachers and students absorb the curriculum better during periods of home schooling, too.

The portal contains over 6,600 online exercises

Administration and Maintenance

We feel responsible for the websites we create. For us, the work does not end with the launch of the project. If a project is to be successful, long-term cooperation between developer and the client is a must.

Since its launch, the website has been undergoing significant continuous development. We add new features, improve the user interface and monitor user behavior. This way, we help increase the site’s success and user satisfaction.

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