Corporate and Intranet Systems

We can create a custom intranet system tailored to your company!

Corporate and Intranet Systems

You can manage your company from a single place anywhere in the world.

Is SAP too complicated, but no other solution works either? Do you need a custom solution? We will be happy to create one for you.

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Corporate and Intranet Systems

Corporate and Intranet Systems

Custom System Design

Do you have specific requirements for your system but the available solutions don’t work for you? Do you need the system to be fully customized to your needs? We can create one exactly as you want it.

Infrastructure and Technologies

The company system is like its brain and therefore it is critical that it is fast and reliable. We will also create suitable infrastructure, including backups, so that the whole system can react to your needs quickly and so your data is safe.

Mobile Apps

Do you need to access your company’s data while on the go? Do you need to quickly reach or store information, e.g. using a bar code? Or to quickly upload a picture? A mobile app can be added to you system, making such tasks convenient.

Linking with Corporate Hardware

Is the output from hardware devices and sensors important for the management of your company? If you have the documentation for the output ports, we can import these values directly into the system and incorporate them into the workflow.

Connecting to External API

Do you use multiple systems, or do you need to communicate with partner systems and external services? Communicating with various different APIs is our daily routine and we will be happy to set it up for you as well.

The Source Code is Yours

Do you want to avoid a situation where your management would depend on a single company? That will never happen with us. You will be the owner of your app's code; we develop apps using well documented open source tools and recognized online system development standards.

Comprehensive Administration and Long-term Support

We feel a responsibility towards clients and the apps we have created, and we don't think our work ends with the launch. We take care of our clients long-term and help them on their path to success and achieving their goals.

Sample References

As a standard part of our projects, we also create a comprehensive data, document, and service flow administration system, including a technical implementation design. We can always find a good solution for small businesses or industrial companies, too.

The most successful real estate portal facilitating sales directly from property owners

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A comprehensive guide to the world of real estate and real estate agents

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A convenient tool for monitoring properties, auctions, foreclosures and insolvency claims

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Our Clients

Our clients include both smaller local companies and the largest players on the market. No matter the size of the client's company, we strive to create websites that will meet their goals.

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