Advanced Search Method Implementation

Your data is easily accessible and traceable!

Advanced Search Method Implementation -

Advanced Search Method Implementation

You offer a large amount of information and you want to make searching it easier for your users. Smart search by meaning, synonym or by location? We are happy to help.

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Advanced Search Method Implementation

Advanced Search Method Implementation

Full-text Search

Full-text search in text data. Search by meaning, word root, synonym, with diacritics. Give users the content they are looking for.

Geospatial data search

We are able to search position-related data according to spatial functions, in multipolygons of any shapes and quantities. We will enable your customers to set the search parameters exactly according to their areas of interests.

Complex systems search

Do you need to simultaneously search in multiple systems with different data structure and different connections? We can connect the different systems and make the data available to everyone. We are happy to help.

Infrastructure and Technologies

We can create solutions based on a wide range of technologies and we provide custom server infrastructure for these solutions. We also have our own infrastructure ready, which you can immediately start using for your project and your needs.

Comprehensive Administration and Long-term Support

We feel a responsibility towards clients and the apps we have created, and we don't think our work ends with the launch. We take care of our clients long-term and help them on their path to success and achieving their goals.

Sample References

Our projects are often based on the fact that they can find and display the information the user is looking for. We will be happy to offer this convenience to your clients, too.

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A comprehensive guide to the world of real estate and real estate agents

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A convenient tool for monitoring properties, auctions, foreclosures and insolvency claims

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Our Clients

Our clients include both smaller local companies and the largest players on the market. No matter the size of the client's company, we strive to create websites that will meet their goals.

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